About Us

Welcome to SyMania (Symbol-Mania), a product of URU Sec Ltd, your number one gateway for all your identity authentication logins. We are dedicated to present a Multi Factor Authentication Product, with a focus on Innovation, Ease of use and Certain Security. Founded in 2018 by Eliran Fadlon, Assaf Schwartz, Martin Umansky and Demian Burkman, SyMania's unique solution has come a long way from its beginnings in a little apartment in the city of Netanya, Israel. When the inventors, Eliran and Assaf first started out, their passion for a simple and certain Identify Authentication solution drove them to formulate a team of founders alongside a number of specialized consultants to try and make their idea into a reality. They knew that only hard work and great inspiration will turn into the game-changer MFA solution they dreamed of. After two years of registering a patent and product development, SyMania's Team has grown and is now ready to serve pilots and customers in Israel and the US, and is thrilled to introduce a unique algorithm that has been transformed into an innovative and easy-to-use MFA product. From the very first moment it was clear to us that the perception of identity authentication must be changed and that our solution must behave differently from the MFA solutions we are all familiar with in the market. We realized that instead of adding more layers of security within our login gateways, as is the case today, we would have to develop one simple solution that would contain all those security layers in one product. Moreover, we have identified that most, if not all, of the Identity Authentication solutions available behave the same in an automatic form and do not, by all means, verify with certainty that the user is in fact the real user – and that, is a huge problem. That is why we made sure that our users cannot be duplicated! We named our solution - URU (you are you) Authentication.

Martin Umansky, COO & Co-Founder