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The Problem & The Incomplete Solutions Available In The Market

In a world where everything from bank accounts to social media is at our fingertips, identity authentication is the most important tool for security and privacy. At the same time, Billions of users throughout the world authenticate themselves a few times a day with the old, traditional username and password method. Actually, the password method has not been changed for decades despite the fact that identities have been hacked repeatedly, again and again, causing damages to users and organizations by destroying systems, ransom demands and data thefts. Moreover, passwords are complicated to handle and difficult to remember. The demands from the users are insane; capital letter and regular, special characters, digits and much more. So why do users still use passwords? The answer is simple – It’s because users trust most what is familiar and they trust themselves above all. However, what’s familiar isn’t always what’s best. The use of passwords made sense before cellphones changed the way we connect and communicate. Luckily, nowadays we have the ability to authenticate our identity with Multi Factor Authentication – MFA. And everybody has the key for MFA in their pockets – the cellphone! Therefore, by presenting his phone, a user can authenticate his identity everywhere at any time. But, Not every form of MFA is necessary created equal. SMS text message MFA can be sniffed or cloned. Token MFA is not a cost effective method and if the token is lost or stolen, your identity is at risk. Biometric MFA pose cost, privacy and security concerns: once biometric data has been compromised, there is no way to undo the damage because a compromised biometric is irreplaceable. Finally, there are the App solutions, which represent the most secured way of MFA. But note! all of the App MFA methods available in the market are based on automated random systems granting access to any person holding the users phone. And that… is a huge problem!

Group Of People Authorized To Act

SyMania's mission is to change the authentication domain fundamentally by introducing an innovative unique paradigm and eliminate the problematic/outdated use of passwords. As opposed to our competitors MFA solutions, SyMania presents a super-secured, cool and funky MFA PATENTED method, which makes sure that the user is in fact the real user and not only the person holding the user's phone. We have developed a unique handshaking algorithm that generates a real URU (you are you) authentication. SyMania introduces to the world a game-changer secret SyMbol that is based in our user's head and is easy to use and remember. Not only SyMania's system generates behind the scenes a new randomized sophisticated handshake for each login, all of its steps are random as well, making sure that the unique handshake and its factors have no value for future logins. Furthermore, in most of the cases, Identity Authentication Products and Services combine deferent levels of usability and security: when the security is high, the usability is low and vice versa. In SyMania's Authentication System, it will never be the case – our high level of security will always match our high level of usability.

Cracking SyMania's System

As you will see in our Explanatory video, the ONLY way to “crack” SyMania's MFA method is by:
        1. Obtaining physically both the user’s cellphone and PC\Terminal.
       2. Knowing or forcefully extracting both the secret SyMbol and the length of the clicking sequence from the user through a personal attack.
For such an attack to succeed, it will require a high-level of access to both of the user's channels, not only his personal phone but also his personal or office PC/Terminal.
This fact makes online theft nearly impossible.

Why SyMania?

  • SyMania’s System is the only MFA solution in the market that provides high levels of security, usability and privacy combined, with a sparking touch of funkiness.
  • SyMania's solution runs locally, remotely or over the internet and it does not require software to be installed on an organization's system or on a user’s computer.
  • SyMania's all in one Identity Authentication Management System is a perfect cloud-based solution, which sets aside any commitment to potentially expensive infrastructure costs providing organizations managers with more control options than traditional software packages, optimizing their authentication processes.
  • Among the rest, SyMania's system was designed to simplify the authentication process when logging in to the database.
  • SyMania is in the perfect position to be a world leader in Identity Authentication and Online Security: the unique MFA solution, combined with the innovative secret SyMbol will meet these criteria, as it is not only secure, cost effective and very easy to use; SyMania's solution is in fact the exact and suitable replacement for the problematic biometric systems.













Market Segmentation Summery

Enterprise market: Organizations (private and governmental) that want their employees, and possibly suppliers and other partners, to use simple and strong authentication.
Client login: Firms of all types (including websites) that want strong authentication for their clients when they log into their accounts.
Payments: Credit/debit/other payments including online shopping.

Our Team

Tomer Brouck Director of cyber and information security VP Product Manager & Business Development

Tomer Brouck

More than 15 years of experience in the field of CyberSecurity:
· Director of cyber and information security at technology companies, global and local.
· Expert in integration, product development and a wide range of advanced solutions.
· Spokesman and lecturer in a wide range of topics.
· Leading and managing complex transactions and projects.
· Managing technology and sales teams.
Areas of Practice: Smart City, Security, Cyber, Citizen Engagement, Governments, Enterprise B2B, B2G.
Military experience: Lieutenant Colonel - Commander of operations and combat battlefield.
"We no longer have to remember complicated passwords. All a user needs, is to access the database of his organization in a much secured and simpler way, with zero concerns about his privacy."

Eliran Fadlon Founder, chairman & Co-inventor

Eliran Fadlon

Chairman, Founder & Co-inventor
• Startup Coordinator & Head of Direct Investments, Horizon Technologies.
• Entrepreneur & Co-founder of a new startup presenting a road safety app that protects children, "Eyes-Up".

"The real absurdity is that the entire technological structure of the identity protection solutions available in the market is exposed to every hacker.
SyMania offers a change of perception when it comes to the user's identity protection and provides a game-changer mechanism that manages to disconnect the user's authentication process from any potential existing attack. Behind the scenes of each authentication process, SyMania's system generates a new randomized sophisticated handshake, making sure that the authentication data available to hackers in that session has no value for future logins."

Assaf Schwartz Founder, Architect & Co-inventor

Assaf Schwartz

The System Architect, Founder & Co-inventor
Systems Developer - Development and implementation of applications and programs for the backend processing systems used in businesses and organizations.
Such as:
• Suspects identification system, at the "Keinan Shefi" train station.
• Advertising system, for "Calcalist".
• A wide range of systems, for "Tut" Communications.
• Telephony system via IP, for "Tzur" Consultants and Communications.
• A wide variety of websites from all fields.

"The idea was created following the knowledge and the experience I have gained over the years regarding hacking and cyber-attacks on various systems. Some call it - Hacker... I prefer to call it - Architect."

Martin Umansky Co-founder, COO & Advocate

Martin Umansky

COO, Co-founder
Advocate – LLB - Staffordshire University, England.
Legal Department Manager.

"Our identity authentication solution transforms the user to his own password without using biometrics! Biometrics pose Countless cost, privacy and security concerns. Once biometric data has been compromised, there is no way to undo the damage because a compromised biometric is irreplaceable."

Demian Burkman Inactive Partner & Technology Advisor

Demian Burkman

Technology Advisor, Inactive Partner
System Development Observer
Over 20 years of experience in software systems development:
• On the founding team of Yair Goldfinger's Dotomi startup (ICQ) - Made an exit.
• Suspects Questioning System, at Imagine Vera startup. Collaboration with the Israeli Homeland Security. The technology was sold to Boeing.
• Manufacture and development of printing systems, at AVT.
• Currently working in the security field.

"Albert Einstein once said: "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world". All my life I believed that imagination is the true source of being innovative and deliver the right solution. After 20 years of experience, I am sure that innovation technology could not exist without imagination. This is what we do in SyMania, we simply imagine."

Saar Kabesa Inactive Partner & Sales Advisor

Saar Kabesa

Sales & Marketing Advisor, Inactive Partner
17 years of experience in managing sales teams and international sales in the field of information security, cyber, communications and cloud solutions:
• Check Point: Business Partners Manager.
• ORACLE – Netsuite: cloud and information systems sales management.
• Secure Wave: information security products manager.
Such as Impreva, Fortinet and FireEye.
• ONE 1 Security Division: products and information security solutions sale manager.
• Netvision – 013: Enterprise Customers Sales Manager of cyber solutions and information security products.
Such as CISCO, Check point, Symantec, Microsoft, Redware, F5 and more.

"I have met a lot of information security people during my career. I heard from every one of them that they wish there was a suitable replacement for passwords regarding both User Friendliness and certainly Security.
This is where SyMania comes in..."

Noam Band Strategy & Marketing Advisor

Noam Band

Strategy & Marketing Advisor

Roee Eizenman Co-partner & Board Senior Advisor

Roee Eizenman

Roee Eizenman
Board Senior Advisor


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