Digital safety starts here for both commercial and personal

A Disruptive Passwordless Solution

Enterprise market: Organizations (private and governmental) that want their employees, and possibly suppliers and other partners, to use simple and strong authentication.
Client login: Firms of all types (including websites) that want strong authentication for their clients when they log into their accounts.
Payments: Credit/debit/other payments including online shopping.

Here are some important facts:

  • Non-Language Solution.
  • No Biometrics = No Privacy Violation.
  • Simple, Unique and Pleasant User Experience accessible for all users.
  • Single Authentication Step - Passwords Out.
  • Real User Verification – Fraud and Identity Theft Protection.
  • An Intuitive Product for a wide age range of users.
  • Many have described SyMania as an 'OTP on Steroids'.
  • Optimize organization's security systems performance and avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Advanced Security Protection – Phishing & Automatic Cyber Attacks Prevention.
  • Patented!

Our Mission is to provide a simple and highly secure method of Authentication accessible to all people around the world, regardless of their language, age, education, gender, or background.